Brin! Storming — Editorial

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Editorial for Brin!Storming, a conference cycle that precedes the annual experimental architecture festival Bellastock. Brin!Storming introduces the theme of the festival 2019: architecture and fibers. To value this time of speaking and exchange, I developed a visual vocabulary essentially typographic. The vernacular elements (fibers, leaves) enrich this brutalist aesthetic. See the full graphic identity

Since 2006, Bellastock has organized each year an experimental architecture festival gathering more than 500 participants. By inviting students and professionals of the creative professions to design, build and live ephemeral projects, the festival allows participants to experience their expertise at scale 1, and offers unprecedented visibility to the territory that hosts it. The ephemeral city has gradually become a full-scale laboratory on contemporary themes related to the future of the metropolitan area. Among them: collective process of the project, cycles of materials, innovation, temporary occupation of disqualified spaces or in mutation.

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